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About Us

American Ethical Supplements™ was created with a main purpose,
to be distributed to the general public with quality and healthy supplements.
It is made in the United States following core American values such as honesty, transparency, effectiveness, and many more.


We believe that our supplements can contribute with our customer’s health issues and can be taken as an alternative to other conventional therapies. By taking care of our health we could improve our personal finances, help our families, reduce unnecessary expenses, and be more productive members in society.


Our intention is to introduce functional supplements, with well-known researched ingredients that are able to help our client’s health.

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Our products do not contain

GMO ingredients, fillers,
binders, preservatives,
artificial colors or flavors.

Some manufacturers hide ingredients or use minimal amounts of them by using “proprietary blend” on their labels. Full transparency is shown in all our product

Our supplements are verified by a third-party testing lab to confirm if the supplement actually contains what is on the label and if they are free
of any contaminants.

We do not use the law of supply and demand when assigning prices to our supplements. We are fair
to our customers without sacrificing quality.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) have significantly improved the quality of supplements. Quality ingredients,
amounts, testing, documentation, and label claims are important
aspects of what quality supplements really are.

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